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Your event is about to get a dose of reputation-building goodness.

Every bit of content that Daniel Lemin delivers is customized to your event, its attendee interests and needs, and the challenges they face in marketing. 


These are Daniel's signature programs. He delivers virtual - live, recorded or custom - and in-person programs.



Digital risks to your reputation have never been more widespread or sophisticated. Reputation attacks can cost organizations millions, jeopardize deals and product launches, and tarnish legacies. Leaders grasp the real urgency; 83% of executives place reputation in their top 5 areas of risk. Only 23% are confident in their ability to address these risks.

Digital reputation risks can come from many sources: scam artists impersonating you for profit, investigative journalists probing for damaging information online, or disgruntled parties looking to cancel and hurt you. If your current digital reputation strategy focuses only on reacting to attacks, it will likely end in regret. Truth is, many of these digital attacks on your reputation are preventable.

This session explores must-have knowledge to help you accurately assess risk to your reputation and build the best possible defenses. It offers specific tactics that you can put to use that borrow from the disciplines of ethical hacking, cybersecurity, investigative journalism and open-source research.


Word of mouth is directly responsible for as much as 50% of all purchases, and influences as much as 90%. Every human on earth relies on word of mouth to make buying decisions. Yet even today, fewer than 1% of companies have an actual strategy for generating these crucial customer conversations. Talk Triggers provides that strategy in a compelling, relevant, timely keynote that can be put into practice immediately, by any business.

In this exciting keynote presentation your attendees will discover:

  • ​​Proprietary research about why and how customers talk

  • Examples from companies that are using talk triggers successfully including Doubletree Hotels by Hilton and The Cheesecake Factory, plus a host of delightful small businesses

  • The 4-5-6 learning system (the 4 requirements for a differentiator to be a talk trigger; the 5 types of talk triggers; and the 6-step process for creating talk triggers) 


Consumers are wired to discuss what is different, and ignore what is average. Talk Triggers not only dares each attendee to think different, it gives them the precise formula to do it. 

A standout breakout built for your industry and designed

to sell.

Master classes are popular part of agenda now and for great reason: they offer a deep-dive session type that can be a nice revenue add-on before or after your event.


Daniel has been delivering ratings and reviews master classes for more than three years based on his bestselling book, Manipurated. In this session - usually between 90-minutes and 2 hours - Daniel will build a perfectly structured class that blends discussion, storytelling and hands-on work with ratings and reviews to give your attendees specific, tangible techniques they can use immediately. 


His classes have inspired attendees at Visit California, Visit Maine, Hilton Hotels, Visit Anaheim, the Personal Injury Lawyer Marketing & Management Association (PILMMA) and Digital Summit. 

We attracted our largest audience of the year, your team worked with us far in advance to be well prepared, and as expected, delivered content that informed and motivated our attendees.

Todd Lynch, Worldcom Public Relations Group

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